Personal Privacy Declaration

Personal Privacy Declaration is the promise of the Website to protect personal privacy of the Users. The Website will inevitably interact with the Users in direct or indirect manners. Please read carefully the following information on the collection, use and protection of personal information of the Users.

1. Non-personal User Information

In order to optimize the view on your computer, we collect non-personal information via your IP address, such as browser model, operating system version and the ISP address that provides you the network access. By collecting the above information, we analyze the page views and improve the management and service of the Website.

2. Personal Information

2.1 When you register, book and purchase tickets, enjoy delivery service, bid for a transaction and participate in forum activities, the Website will, prior your consent and confirmation, require you to provide some personal information via forms or orders, including:

2.1.1 Personal identity information: such as name, gender, ID number, phone number, mailing address, address and email address, etc..

2.1.2 Personal background: such as age, occupation, educational level, income level, civil status and family situation, etc..

2.2 Please note that, without your consent or confirmation, the Website will not use the information that you provided in order to participate in certain activities of this Website for other commercial purposes (excluding for the improvement and upgrades of service quality). Actions according to the following 6th provision where the Website may disclose your information per requests from the government or the legal system are not subject to this article.

3. Information Security

3.1 The Website will provide strict management and protection to your information and will apply related technology to prevent any missing, embezzlement or tampering of the information.

3.2 In order to meet the need of the labor division time, the Website may entrust professional technicians to process the information on the computer when necessary. If you haven't expressly proposed objection within the time established in the notification of computer processing, the Website will consider you as agreed. However, you still have the right to request the termination of computer processing according to the following 4.1.4 provision.

4. User Rights

4.1 You are entitled to the following rights to your personal information:

4.1.1 To freely consult or request viewing the information;

4.1.2 To freely request addition or modification;

4.1.3 To freely request deletion;

4.1.4 To request termination of computer processing and use.

4.2 The Website will assist you to execute the above listed rights, please email to:

5. Limited Use Principle

The Website will only use the collected personal information for purposes other than the established scope under one of the following conditions:

5.1 Prior your written authorization;

5.2 In order to keep you from imminent danger of life, person or property;

5.3 In order to prevent serious damage to other people's rights;

5.4 In order to promote public interest without harming your vital interest.

6. Personal Data Disclosure

Upon requests from governmental organizations of the disclosure of personal information through legal procedure, the Website will provide personal information per requirements from legal enforcement institutions or for the purpose of public security. In this case, the Website will bear no responsibility for related disclosure.

7. We will provide you personal space, blog and comment services.

In these areas, any information you post becomes public. Therefore, we advise you to seriously consider whether or not to publicize your personal information.

8. Disclaimer

Other than the 6th provision, the Website will also disclaim responsibility under the following conditions:

8.1 Personal information disclosure caused by your reveal of account and password information to others or sharing the account with others.

8.2 Personal information disclosure, missing, embezzlement or tampering caused by Force Majeure that affect the normal network operation, such as the Year 2000 Problem, hackers attacks, computer virus invasion or attack, and the suspension due to governmental control.

8.3 Personal information disclosure and consequent legal disputes and consequences cause by other websites linked to the Website.

We reserve the rights to modify and update the Privacy Protection Declaration of the Website.